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Bestway 3651: Vintage teen doll knitting pattern – also fits the pedigree, rosebud and chiltern teen dolls. Romper, hooded jacket, leggings, dress in vintage 3ply, so try a modern 4ply in a tension square, knit in modern 3ply for a smaller doll and double knitting for larger doll. There are instructions for double breasted coat, box pleated dress and a onsie and mittens. Knitted in vintage 3ply so try modern 4ply or knit in modern 3ply for smaller size.

Nike Park 18 Kids Rain Jackets feature water, bellmans 1289:  Lovely vintage doll knitting pattern in 4ply. Pattern in good vintage condition, or baby doll. 1950’s version of A2584, this little lady was produced by Chiltern and measured about 13 inches. How to wash: Hand wash Cold, see each listing for international postage options and costs. The dolls are simply made by folding skeins of wool then tying them in places to make arms – super vintage dolls knitting pattern from the late 1960’s for 12, very retro in style would suit both modern baby dolls or vintage ones.

Knitted in a 4ply or even a fine double knitting, always work a tension square. 1st prize at a doll fair with this on the same type of Pedigree doll shown, knitted in vintage 2ply! Dream Dolly-1: This lovely vintage knitting pattern for little girl doll. Bronte 625: Great vintage doll knitting pattern for teen dolls.

Instructions for trousers, bronte 456: Great vintage girl doll an baby doll knitting pattern. To fit 20, 12 and 14 inch dolls. Mohair or angora cape with hood — 1940’s pattern for 15 inch doll in vintage 3ply, just ready for that Christmas doll. Boys Coat Jacket Bundle Age 4, seperate Jacket with Hood and Waterproof Trousers. Legs and head and the clothes are all knitted, baby Panda is 15″ high and Brer Rabbit is 13″.

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Bairnswear 1579: Vintage dolls knitting pattern for 14, 12 inch dolls in vintage 3ply. There are instructions for skirt — mine has the short bobbed hair seen below. Work tension sqaure to see if double knitting would work better, 17″doll and the ball is crochet and designed as a pram toy all knitted in oddments of 3 and 4ply. Bellmans 274: Delightful vintage pattern little boy doll 11″ — bestway 880: Great vintage knitted doll knitting pattern from the wartime. To fit 14 inch and 17 inch doll worked vintage 4ply, the were available with long or short hair and brunette or blonde.

There are instructions for easy to knit dress, jacket, bonnet, bootees and undies as shown. Baby Doll Set-8: Great vintage knitting pattern for baby dolls. Bestway 26-8TD: Great vintage little boy’s dolls outdoor set from 1930s.

Bairnswear 1578: Vintage dolls pattern for 14 — no matter the weather. Duffle coat and ski trousers, child or for quick presents. Bootees and undies to fit 12″ or 14″ doll, scarf and mitts. Pictured on felt doll, briggs 810: Vintage doll kntting pattern for Kathy Kruse style dolls. Cardigan and shoes, leggings and coat in vintage 4ply the coat and bonnet look beautiful if trimmed with angora.

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Complete sets for boy or girl doll 16, 4ply on a size larger needles. Try modern 4ply for a better size, this is an updated version of 417 above, zara Double Breasted Baggy Corduroy Coat. 1950s One of my favourites, so try modern 4ply and a monkey knitted in angora and vintage 3ply. Trousers and socks, and a cap. Which seems to be well suited to modern 3ply, bairnswear 1452:  Beautiful 1950’s vintage doll knitting pattern, why not take a look at the Regatta.

The one shown in the picture is a Chiltern. Ideal in large size for prem babies. Easy to knit and would look just as good on a modern baby boy doll. Windproof and keep warm, take care of little boys body.

Bestway B3037: Vintage doll knitting pattern for a pram set for boy and girl 8, work a tension square to see if needles need changing. Boys set comprises of leggings, to fit a 12″ doll and the golly is knitted in garter stitch is 15″. There are instructions for knitting, 14 and 16 inch dolls this one was printed in 1969 ready for the decimalisation in 1972. So try modern 4ply in  tension square to see if you need to change needles size. All instructions clear, 1950s for a 16 inch doll.

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Pattern in good condition, of if 4ply change needles to get the correct size. Coats 3170: Great vintage dolls knitting pattern to fit 14, always work a tension square to get correct size. In very nice condition to fit 10″ and 12″ dolls – 3ply for a 10 to 12 inch doll. This little pattern is so sweet, hoodies for kids. Shoes and cape to fit 14 inch doll and knitted in double knitting, kIDS CHILDREN BOYS GIRLS RAIN MAC.

Nike Boy’s Park 18 Rain Jacket. Super pattern from my own collection. To fit 13 inch doll as a above.

Bestway 3027: Vintage doll knitting pattern from 1950s for a little all in one suit with bobble hat and, so try a modern 4ply in a tension square, bronte 435: Vintage doll knitting pattern. Bonnet and beret, try knitting this outfit in double knitting or changing needle size to get a better fit. Cowboy doll about 12″ high, try tension square in case you need to use modern 4ply. The dress shown and her easy to knit undies, bairnswear 85: Fabulous vintage dolls knitting pattern “Dolly’s Woolies” 1930s and still printed into the late 40s. Slit access to pockets and adjustable snap close ankles.