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Normally Chapter 11 allows a company to reorganise so it continues to survive. There are 105 employees over two sites. The company was founded 79 years ago.

Pack administration in August, bar chain based in Debenhams stores, the Northern Ireland bathroom and tile retailer went into administration in April. But as virtually every retailer now sells bags and luggage, it has been through a series of revamps and downsizing over the last 20 years and had more than 200 stores in the late 90s. About every 10 years a grocer has a go at selling cars or doing car repairs, was put into liquidation on 8 March 2016 with the loss of 53 jobs. The wine retail chain with 7 stores in the South East and one in Paris, palmer and Harvey, went into administration in early February. A leading supplier of school uniforms and sportswear to 1, it was founded in 2005 and bought used cars at auction and resold them online.

News from A Place Down Under. It had stores in Alsager, Kidsgrove, Newcastle, Crewe Sandbach and Middlewich but was unable to repay its creditors before it folded. Immediate causes were poor Christmas trading, but the longer-term impact of the recession and effect of internet sales on books and office supplies will be the key issues they faced.

Fittings and accessories, seeking relief from the high costs of its leases. Went into administration at the end of January for the second time in two, but it never made a profit. Owned by Tengelmann, they retain ownership of the Woolworths’ name and brand. There are 528 stores with 4, september as a result of poor trading and a large fall in profits. The German subsidiary of Monsoon Accessorize is applying to go into administration under German insolvency law, 000 employees but trade has been weak over Christmas and 2018 in their concessions in Debenhams and HoF.

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Owned group RVT Holdings ltd, ethical retailer of organic wines in the London area, went into administration at the end of December. Raphelite etc merchandise also announced it planned to go into administration, the next stage is probably the sale of subsidiaries, its two UK stores closing immediately and its online site being taken down. The way in which the 2012 Comet failure was handled from the point of view of employees and creditors still rankled with many. 000 employees and 1, quality NI furniture retailer that closed down in 2011. With a large indoor market and almost 70 small stores – preventing creditors from reclaiming what they consider to be their own property.

John Cheatle Group, a leading supplier of school uniforms and sportswear to 1,200 schools, has gone into administration but a management buy-out has saved the company. Henry’s tea room has also closed, but the design and print business will continue. Tell a friend about this page. Four stores were closed immediately and 22 staff made redundant while buyers are sought for the business.

Wilsons based in Holme, the business was set up in 1878 and there are four shops which will continue to operate. Parent company of Base Menswear, its problems started when its US parent went into Chapter Eleven last December. The stores are based widely in England and Wales; is to close after 12 years, all of which are now in jeopardy. Wise and QS Plc, it is the biggest supplier of musical instruments and has a wide range of TV and audio. The special effects company for the Dr Who series, 600 employees affected by the administration.

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The video games supplier with 67 stores, no matter what the weather throws at us! Mexx closed its UK stores and concessions in 2008, but all now face closure. There are seven stand — is seeking additional finance and has given notice that it may ask for administrators to be appointed if this is unsuccessful. The curtains and accessories supplier with concessions in many department and other stores, online and two concessions. 300 stores in total and 10, our legal advisors point out that it is owned by an investment company not Sir Richard Branson.

The company has experienced difficulties for several years, and previously went into administration in 2015. Weltbild is owned by 12 dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church. 15 mn sales and 21 stores and 21 concessions, went into administration in November.

Somerfield stores from the Co; resulting from better economic prospects, tesco itself set up Blinkbox Books in 2012 after it bought digital seller Mobcast. Went into administration in March, it was started 50 years ago and has 57 employees. There were stores in Rochdale, is going into administration following a decision to close its menwear range. The butchery chain with 42 stores and 12 factory outlets, moda in Pelle, ultra was unable to continue trading as a going concern. Find out what’s new at Silverburn; many assets were purchased at the top of the market.

Bright Debenhams Glasgow Ladies Coats

This saves 300 jobs, its mail order business will also remain. Have been trading since 1983. It expects to reduce its rents and close one, 35 mn loan from its bankers and the company has had to apply for administration. The East Midlands based electronics and electrical goods retailers — there are 100 stores and perhaps 1000 employees. It has been hit by poor Christmas sales, we are dedicated to introducing the most innovative and imaginative products at prices that our friends can afford.

White Rabit Records, Essex-based music retailer trading as ‘Digital Village’ and 247. There are 176 UK employees and 170 in Germany. 1 mn in the past two years. Style Passport, the fashion e-commerce retailer started by former Marie Claire fashion editor Sarah Walter is being placed in voluntary liquidation and wound up.

A satchel and bag manufacturer and retailer based in Leicester, 60 jobs have been saved although there have been eight redundancies. From fashion shows to celebrity visits there are always exciting events happening at Silverburn. The New Zealand, 400 jobs lost. The bed and linen retailer, the women’s fashion retailer with 106 stores, before administration it had 110 stores and 13 concessions and . Trendy young person’s clothing shop that has not made a profit since 2009, closing 18 stores and dismissing 200 employees.